Not really that advanced!

Text formatting


'''This is bold text'''

Results in:

This is bold text


''This is italicsised''

Results in:

This is italicsised


Top left

Top Center

Top Right

Middle Left

Middle Centre

Middle Right

Bottom Left

Bottom Centre

Bottom Right


Just an image

Below is an image placed on the page by simply putting the URL to the image file in the page text at the location required.


Results in:

The following is an image which is also a hyperlink to another site.


Results in:

Pages within the wiki automatically become links to other pages by typing them as CamelCase words - that is one capital letter surrounded by a number of small letters.


You can also use the / character to separate a page from a subpage.



==== Plain URL ===

Just pasting a URL into the text will result in a hyperlink.

If you require a description then wrap it in square brackets as below.

[[|BBC Website]]

Results in:

BBC Website

== Unwikifying links ===


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