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(this page transferred to WordPress 8 Feb 2013)

(this page transferred to WordPress 8 Feb 2013)

When: 10:30 - 16:00, Saturday 01st November 2008

Where: SeminarRoom1, Southampton University.

Who Was There

What Happened

  • Damian worked through perldoc, related commands and options with some advice, history and context from Adam and in particular the Special variable '$|'.
  • Chris talked to Stephen about photography, and took a couple of 'high dynamic range' panoramic shots of the meeting, using Hugin. Note: 'high dynamic range' refers to the fact that Adam managed to sit still for three consecutive exposures, whereas John's velocity resulted in him appearing at least twice in the final image. The results are here (click for bigger versions):

:{{http://www.fbcs.co.uk/images/hantslug081101-1.png}} {{http://www.fbcs.co.uk/images/hantslug081101-2.png}}

  • Adam tried to get get IBM ViaVoice working under WINE for Clive, then suggested trying running ViaVoice under Win2K/XP inside a VirtualBox container.

  • JohnEayrs installed Debian Etch inside a VMware container on his SUSE system.

  • Adam was very impressed by Damian's Acer One system and wants one...

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