When: 13:00 - 16:30, Saturday 4th September 2004

Where: Jolly Farmer pub in Winchester.

Who was there

What happened

Lovely sunny day, so true to geekdom we sat indoors (besides, that was where the food was). One new LUGer (Kevin) who is probably going to visit the next bring-a-box meeting to get some stuff fixed or sorted out. AndyRansom showed us that his phone can now play lemmings - "Oh no!"

Sadly the phone isn't Linux based but uses Symbian UIQ - it's a Motorola A925 running on the Three network and there are some pretty nice games available for it along with other PDA style apps, these days I'm using it as my main PDA - though it doesn't quite have all the features I like in a PDA it has the main ones (calendar, addressbook, email, ebook reader and MP3 player) and means I only have to carry the one toy.

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