Aaron Tansom

Aaron Tansom is 5 years old (at the moment) and just started his second year of school, so I'm guessing that (for now at least) he is the youngest with a HantsLUG Wiki page. I've only really added this after he came to his first meeting at the weekend (2nd September 2006) and had an entry in the attendees. At the meeting he asked his Dad (that's me, PaulTansom) whether he used RSS, grumbled when Ubuntu was taking too long to install (Dad had way too little memory in his old machine), and enjoyed playing Klondike Solitaire and (partiuclarly) Frozen Bubble on an old copy of Morphix. Sadly Dad couldn't get something with Tux Paint running in a hurry which Aaron really loves.

So there we have it, a Linux user caught young ;)

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