Been using Linux for 7 or 8 years and still learning (will I ever crack linux?). Got involved in OpenSource whilst teaching, trying to save the school coffers.

Currently a teacher in a relatively small primary school, promoting Python and to the children (with some encouraging success).

Have a main Ubuntu machine, a NSLU2 running debian, an Asus EEE PC, and a FON router.

Currently learning Python, mainly web-based apps at the moment but have dabbled with some wxpython and pysqlite.

Have worked on (when time allows) - a first attempt at an application that helps children to learn the alphabet.

Located just north of Basingstoke.

Other interests

Like most kinds of music, but normally early 80s or early 1990s (my two main musical periods). Drinking with my mates and playing football for the company team. Watch as many films as time will allow. Playing snooker.


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