Adam Trickett

Formerly Hants-LUG Chairman - see also CurrentCommittee

I know live in France and so, I'm not very involved in the LUG anymore.


I started computing with a Commodore-64, then downgraded to DOS & Windows 3.1 while at university Leeds University. My simulation work ran too slowly in Turbo Pascal on DOS, so I was let loose on the University's big-iron Sun and SGI systems, my first introduction to Unix.

I then worked at UCR in the US for a few years, and it was there that I started to use RedHat Linux. After returning to the UK I got a job for the now defunct Inso Corporation, working with NT and Solaris systems.

I currently work in G3G for a SAP consultancy.

I use to do:

At home I switched from NT to Debian GNU/Linux in 2003. Since switching to Debian Linux full time I've found it to be very stable and reliable.


I'm a bit of jack of all trades, and master of none.

I program in Perl for work and at home, but I'm no JAPH. I'm a member of use perl;, PerlMonks and You can download my Perl modules from CPAN if you want.

I do web stuff too, xhtml/css, CGI/mod_Perl and Apache admin. I know how it all works, and I can make W3C standard pages, and CGI/mod_Perl dynamic stuff, but I'm no expert.

On the Unix side, I used Sun kit for over a decade, I currently have a SPARC station 5 at home but I've only really been a user and I'm no Solaris expert. I currently trying to learn more with OpenSolaris in a VirtualBox VM. I've used Linux since Red Hat 5.x.

LUG Talks

I've given a number of talks to this LUG and other similar groups. I'm prepared to given them again and you are more than welcome to download my talk materials and recorded presentations:

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