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My first ever Linux install was Suse7.0.. Since then I have 'tried' Caldera, Mandrake, RxxHxx, Slackware, Knoppixx and Debian.

After plenty of Debian advertising from certain members of the LUG I decided to give Debian a whirl and used it as my main Distro in the guise of Libranet 2.8.1. Nowadays, I use Kubuntu 606 (for various lazyboy reasons). Apart from that I'm just an end user - well, apart from the odd bash script but I suppose I must rate somewhere on the Geek Scale if I can get most Linux distro's to do my bidding without too much effort...


At the time of my original entry here I was a Market Reseach Analyst for Compass. This had me flying all over the country - literally.. woohoo! :¬) But, I've changed job/company and now for work Scotia Gas Networks (SGN).


Can I list flying (although somewhat job related) as a hobby? I do it a fair bit and really love it. I always insist on the window seat!

I love Heavy Metal / Rock music... I recently upgraded my amp by purchasing a Marshall MG100DFX. I have three guitars. An electric (which I've had for 12 years and it's got a self wired active circuit!) frankenstein model, an Ibanez (latest purchase) and a Tanglewood Semi-acoustic which cost me an arm.

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