Name: Andy Ransom


IRC nick: arandom

Occupation: Software Engineer

Linux Distribution of choice: At home these days I'm afraid I've mostly fallen prey to the lure of the mighty Ubuntu as a desktop distro but in the past I have used (the now sadly defunct) Libranet and Mepis, both of which are Debian derivatives. I'm still using Debian on my personal server machines though as I've not found anything to beat it yet. At work however we are Red Hat based (with non-critical machines running CentOS) mainly because of the commercial application support (ClearCase in particular) Red Hat provides.

Location: Basingstoke, England

Positions of Power: Hants LUG MailingList admin (all offers of bribes welcome... but I'm expensive )

Linux Experience: I've been using Linux since 2001 (started off with Mandrake, did my first Debian install ("Woody") in 2002), but prior to that had been using Unix (in one form or another) since 1986.

Hobbies (things I enjoying doing though am not necessarily very good at): messing around with computers, traveling, RPGs, Science Fiction, Photography

Past Hobbies (things I used to do and am still sort of interested in): Archery, Cycling, LARP, Camping

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