I am a HantsLUG "member" who has never lived in Hampshire. I have been to 4 or 5 meets though, in the last 6 years.

You can email me at andy@strugglers.net and you can find me on the web via http://strugglers.net/~andy/. If you want a quick chat then come to irc.lug.org.uk channel #BitFolk where you'll find me under the nickname "grifferz".

I'm technically still an admin of the lug.org.uk project but I've been regrettably far too busy to do much for a long time. I hang around HantsLUG because it's one of our biggest LUGs.

I am generally to be relied upon for making people leave the LUG and its IRC channels just by talking to them and offending people by making Hitler comparisons.

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The above mentioned people's pram              The above mentioned people's rattle
                                                        ((c) prt 2002)


I also run a VPS provider called BitFolk via which I am attempting to subvert the HantsLUG committee, and my unfunny and incomprehensible signatures are to be read with caution.

I prefer Debian GNU/Linux for servers and Ubuntu for desktops.

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