The badge generator is used to, erm, generate badges. These are principally used at bring-a-box meetings so that people can put a face to an e-mail address! The badge generator is here:

The badges, when cut to the crop marks, are the correct size to go in the LUG's badge holders, and should also be the right size to go on a standard ID card, if you have access to a card printing/laminating machine.

Badge generator software written by HugoMills (PS) and NeilFerguson (PHP).


There are known problems with the PostScript for the badge generator, mostly to do with the automatic sizing and placement of names. However the crashing problem has now been resolved.

If your distribution isn't represented on the list and you want it added, please produce a logo in eps or some similar vector format (or convert it from a bitmap of no less than 150px high if you must). Make sure that the bounding rectangle of the logo is correct, and that the background is white or transparent. Roughly square logos are best. Please also check that your logo prints correctly in black and white as well as in colour, or provide a version for use on B&W printers. Logos will all be scaled to the same height.

Also, the location of the badge on the page should be moved from the bottom to the top to save paper on the front desk at meetings.

While you're at it HugoMills, the Mails stats break on forward mails, e.g Alan Pope's mails of 2005-09-30 14:17 +100 and 2005-06-24 19:01 +100, mails forwarded about UKFSN.

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