This wiki is world-editable. That means that anyone who can connect to the server can edit it. When the wiki was being trialled, we decided that to have the wiki to be easily editable by all would result in better content generation and maintenance. For the most part, this isn't a problem, but sometimes some idiot decides that it's funny to link to their adult site from a wiki.

There are several things that can be done about this graffiti (or "spam"):

  1. If you spot graffiti on a wiki page, you can roll the page back to the previous revision. Find out how on the UnSpamming page.

  2. Any given page can be rendered "read-only", with only wiki admins being able to edit this. The current wiki admins can be found on the PeopleToKnowAbout page. A good example of rendering a single page read-only is the Elections2005 page, which, due to its sensitive and important content, is only editable by wiki admins.

  3. A given IP address, hostname or domain can be prevented from editing the wiki. This function is administered by the wiki admins, listed above. If you are unable to edit any page on the wiki and believe that you may have been locked out of the site unfairly, please contact a wiki admin listed above via e-mail with an explanation.
  4. Attempts to edit the wiki from a machine with no reverse DNS entry (i.e. IP address-to-name lookup) will be blocked. If you have a problem with this functionality, please contact HugoMills.

  5. The entire wiki can be rendered read-only. This function was used during the migration of the wiki from the experimental server to its current home, for example. However, should the wiki come under a concentrated graffiti attack, it can be rendered read-only by the wiki admins listed above. The admins can then clean the wiki of graffiti and make it world editable once the attack has passed.

We are currently modifying the wiki script to add various anti-spam features to it. If you have a bright idea for stopping or reducing spam on the wiki, please add it to the AntiSpam page.

If you need to edit the wiki from a static IP that is incorrectly banned or has no reverse DNS, you could try contacting AndySmith to ask about editing via the reverse proxy at — no promises, E&OE, please do not ask for credit as refusal often offends.

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