Becky T Personal Stuff

Hi! I'm Becky, and joined the Hants Lug... erm about a few months ago, can't remember exactly. I was introduced to Linux about ten months ago, and am currently running a dual-boot of Ubuntu and (shudders) Doze, although I am probably switching the Ubuntu half of the partition back to Linux Mint when version 6 Felicia is released.

I am 16, nearly 17, female, and live in Shropshire. For most of the year I go to a residential school for kids with AS, and Queen Mary's college, where I am studying Computing and Psychology.

I love technology (although I'm not the world's best with it), though I am eager to learn. I have a few games consoles, as well.

LUG Stuff

I have not atteended LUG meetings yet, but am hoping to either in December or February.

Other stuff:

Location: A village near Andover

Occupation: College Student

Languages: Starting to learn delphi, not that happy with delving into Python and possibly mucking up my laptop yet! ;-)

Interests: 360, DS, Wii, Video games, pokemon, linux, writing, GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Music: Linkin Park, Lostprophets, The Fray, Nickelback.

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