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BenSutton is otherwise known as phweak (when I was 15 I first started out on the Internet. My cousin used to have a lisp, and one day called me a phweak. It stuck.), or pwk (I think I'm growing out of phweak.) on irc.

He is currently in his final year at Portsmouth University hoping to get a BSc degree in Computing.

Ben's hobbies include the semi-obvious programming, gaming (console/emulation, loves his modded media/emulation geared xbox), and movie watching. His current programming project consists of writing a 3D Graphics Engine in C++ using the SDL and OpenGL libraries.

He tries to hide his addiction to soaps and promises he doesn't follow Coronation Street, Eastenders and Neighbours.

Also he occasionally puts things at http://www.webmonkeys.org.uk that are rarely of interest to anyone.

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