Daniel Pope Dan Pope aka. mauve. Ex-Cambridge Compsci.

E-mail: <mauve AT mauveweb DOT co DOT uk>

I run a web design and development company, Mauve Internet. I am proficient in a range of programming languages, but mainly Python. I've done little bits of free software development, having worked on some KDE apps and contributed to Inkscape and Django.

I first used Linux in around 1997 at school. I have been using Linux for web service ever since.

On the desktop, however, my seduction by Linux progressed more slowly. At university I converted an old machine to run Debian and ran it alongside my Windows machine, which remained my primary computer (ie. I played games on it all day). I used the Linux machine for mail and so on. After uni I continued using Windows for a couple of years but I finally swapped over completely in 2003 when my Windows machine died. I didn't bother to rebuild that machine, finding - to mild surprise, in fact - that Linux was an adequate replacement, even if I did have to get used to a few nuances and work around missing functionality from the Windows equivalents.

I have used Linux exclusively for my desktop machines ever since, maintaining a Windows machine only for Windows testing. I have an Xbox 360 for games.

No known relation to AlanPope.


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