- I am very interested in UNIX, mostly OpenBSD and Sun Solaris. In my spare time I contribute to OpenBSD wherever I can.

- I am interested in typesetting. I maintain a typesetter suite for OpenBSD called "TeX Live". I am also amember of the TeX user group and I am becoming involved in the UK TeX user group.

- I have started my dissertation, which is some work with a compiler framework called LLVM. My project will be a critical analysis of the tool through making a simple programming language.

- I am a capable sysadmin, at Bournemouth University I am involved in administrating a SGE compute grid and many DNS, web, NIS, NFS, SSH, SunRay (the list goes on...) servers.

- I enjoy programming. These days I mostly work with C, C++, ruby, python, PHP and (unfortunately) Java.

- A recent new tangent for me is publishing. I write some articles for magazines and journals. I have just completed my first article for BSD magazine in the states, and last month an article was published in TUGboat (TeX user group journal). You can see the latter article online here: http://undeadly.org/cgi?action=article&sid=20080715190728

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