I like Linux. Things seem to 'just work' more often than they do on Windows.

About two years ago I bought a big quiet box and filled it with goodies to make a media PC. That PC now runs MythTV and is the sole means by which we watch television. In fact, it is used so much by my other (better?) half, that I'm not allowed to fiddle with it. It's a shame that's one of the reasons I bought the box in the first place!

It also runs apache, for my picture gallery (Gallery), and webmail (Horde), for which I have also installed sendmail and dovecot. I have MailScanner controlling sendmail and clamav as well as using SpamAssassin. I also use Milter-Greylist in an effort to control the incoming flood of spam, but unfortunately my ISP (who have my DNS records) have one of their servers listed as a backup MX, so it slightly dents the useful performance of the Greylisting.

I don't use the media box for my hands on tasks like emailing and web-browsing. For that I have a Dell Inspiron 5150. Unfortunately I have failed to get the wireless card working on both Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu 6.06. Hopefully I'll be able to get some help at a BAB soon. The lack of wireless has left me on Windows XP for now as trailing a Cat5 lead across the floor is politically unacceptable!

On the FOSS front I've been using Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird for quite a while at home and at work. Everyone in my office now uses Firefox in preference to IE and four of the seven now use Thunderbird instead of Eudora or Outlook. What I'd now like to find is an extension for Thunderbird that can talk to Sun One Calendar Server, as that is our corporate calendaring service.

On a completely different topic I am a Notary for the Web of Trust, supported by Thawte. You can apply for a certificate to sign your emails. If you have your identity verified by a Notary you earn points. At 50 points you can put your name in your certificate. At 100 points you become a Notary yourself. Email me to arrange a notarisation (myfirstname at fishter dot org dot uk).

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