Bring-a-box meeting, 02 April 2011

When meetings are held at SeminarRoom1, we would like two greeters per hour for the first two hours. This is not necessary at other venues. Please try to fill empty slots before volunteering as a second greeter for slot that already has one greeter.










Add yourself below as a backup person if the table gets full:

What is a Greeting Person?

A Greeting Person is the first person that someone coming to a LUG meeting meets. It is the responsibility of the Greeting Person to welcome them and ensure they have a name badge. Name badges are generated using the BadgeGenerator if necessary and printed, cut up and inserted into a holder. The Greeting Person should also ensure that those new to LUG meetings are settled into the venue and can get help with any Linux-related problems. This is usually done "hooking them up" with another LUG member with similar interests or expertise. The Greeting Person also takes responsibility for supervising the equipment on the front desk - usually a laptop and printer.

Greeting People usually do a one hour stint. Meetings are usually busiest in the first two hours, sometimes with another busy patch after lunch. Later times are very quiet and involve collecting badges from people who are leaving the meeting and saying goodbye.

Who can be a Greeting Person?

Any LUG member can be Greeting Person, although we would recommend that you are familiar with LUG meetings yourself.

What skills do I need to be a Greeting Person?

You just need to be friendly and welcoming. Some very basic computer skills are required for operating the badge generator and printer, but you will be shown what to do if you need help. You do not have to be a Linux guru but should be able to explain LUG meetings if anyone asks.

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