7th October 2006: An EGM is held following the non-quorate AGM in August. The meeting is quorate and AdrianBridgett is elected Chairman, TonyWhitmore Hostmaster. These were the LUG's first ever contested elections. See more on the Elections2006 page. At the EGM a vote is taken to create a new MailingList with an open archive and to hold the next AGM between September and November 2007. Some constitution amendments are voted through which allow for a voter registration scheme and redefine a General Meeting quorum to be based on the number of registered voters. See more on the Constitution page.

6th-8th August 2006: NeilFerguson and RobSmith resign their Committee posts following the non-quorate AGM. The remaining Committee co-opted Alan Pope and Ian Brazier to the GO roles on the Commitee. The remaining Committee agreed to co-opt PaulTansom to the post of Chairman following the resignation of TonyWhitmore as Chairman.

5thAugust2006: The AGM is held, but is non-quorate. No elections took place.

October 2005: The fire at Southampton University prevents the LUG from meeting there until February 2006.

August 2005: Planet [[HantsLUG]] is launched.

6thAugust2005: RobSmith replaces MarkLewis as General Officer on the Committee. Elections2005. A number of amendments to the LUGConstitution are voted through at the AGM, among which is one renaming the Webmaster post to Hostmaster.

4thJune2005: The first TechTalks take place at a Southampton meeting. Subsequent talk sessions were videod for the benefit of those who didn't attend.

7thAugust2004: HugoMills steps down as Chairman. He is replaced by TonyWhitmore. NeilFerguson replaces cognition as an At Large member of the committee. Elections2004

March 2004: The contents of the experimental wiki are migrated to the new LUG server by AdrianBridgett and the wiki becomes the official LUG website.

January 2004: MarkLewis donates a new server box to HantsLUG and it is setup at a Bring a Box meeting at Southampton Uni by AdrianBridgett. Mark then installs it in his new office instead of it living in his home where it had been for several years. It is up and running on 7th March 2004.

January 2004: HugoMills suggests replacing the LUG website with the wiki. There is a broad consensus on the MailingList.

August 2003: HugoMills organises a Bring-a-box meeting at Southampton University. The LUG meets every month in various venues from now on. More on the MeetingRecords page.

May 2003: TonyWhitmore suggests a wiki as method of improving maintenance of the website. He sets up an experimental wiki, hosted at his home.

January 2003: cognition steps down as mailing list manager, to be replaced by AndyRansom and JamesOgden.

August 2001: The constitution is voted in at a meeting in Selborne, followed immediately afterwards by HugoMills being voted in as Chairman, JohnLewis as treasurer, AdrianBridgett as webmaster, and MarkLewis and cognition to make up the committee of five.

January-February 2001: The constitution is drafted, and broadly agreed on by acclamation on the mailing list.

November 2000: Mark announces that the LUG's own server is up at hants.lug.org.uk. Thanks to Mark it was running on a 64K leased line. The box had 6Gig available for Members use, i.e shell accounts etc.

September 2000: Cog said on the ML that 'In addition to #linux-users, irc.lug.org.uk has #hants'

September 2000: cogNiTioN starts managing the mailing list and lays down the ground rules for the ML in an email dated 5th Sep 2000.

August 2000: A public argument on the mailing list nearly causes the break-up of the LUG. Mark Lewis hangs on to the fragments and arranges a meeting at The Flower Pots in Cheriton. AdrianBridgett takes responsibility for the website, HugoMills volunteers to be "official contact" for the LUG. The domain hantslug.org.uk is bought.

Sometime between May and September 1998: HantsLUG becomes the first LUG on the new lug.org.uk system.

19th June 1998, 19:30: At the Potts Brewery and Public House the first meeting of the Hampshire Linux User Group takes place.

May 1998: KenAdams starts the group and gives it the good foundations that it still rests on today.

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