Or rather HantsLUG members looking for jobs.

From time to time we all need to look for a new job or career. This is just a place for those of us in the LUG who are looking to hang out our CV for other members to look at and hopefully wave under their bosses nose before he goes to the agent.

I got the idea when I remembered that my last job was found though this LUG, my employer deciding to look here as a good source for local linux people. My current job was also found through a conversation with another HantsLUG member.

The mix of skills below will surely cover all levels from school leavers to seasoned professionals, kernel hackers to administrators, assembler to Python, networks to databases and even maybe a Windows user or two. Salaries and expectations will obviously match.

Find them here and it's cheaper than an agency.

Job seekers


Keywords (keep it short)

CV or Website



Embedded C, Perl, Telecoms

CV in PDF format



VB, C, C# and network programming







And if any member knows a local company that looking for good employees maybe they'd like to list them here, but please this is not a place for agents to hang out your shingles. You've broken enough search engines already.

ps. If any member hasn't got a place to hang their curriculum vitae on the web and would like to. I can host them advert free on either of my domains. Just contact BobDunlop.

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