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 * [[http://www.hantslug.org.uk/planet|Planet [[HantsLUG]]]] – Read all the latest blog entries from [[HantsLUG]] members. [[HantsLUG]] members can have their blogs added to Planet HantsLUG if they have an RSS feed.  * [[http://www.hantslug.org.uk/planet|Planet HantsLUG]] – Read all the latest blog entries from [[HantsLUG]] members. [[HantsLUG]] members can have their blogs added to Planet HantsLUG if they have an RSS feed.

All the pages listed below cover the LUG's activities - our meetings, structure and how we communicate. If you are new to the LUG, you might want to check out the GetInvolved page as it's easier to digest!


  • MailingList – Find out about the Mailing List, where all the action takes place.

  • IrcChannel – Find out about the HantsLUG IRC Channels.


  • MembersInformation – Are you a HantsLUG member and want to tell the world about it? This is where to express yourself!

  • MugShots – What do we look like? Some people you are likely to see at meetings. Click if you dare!

  • Planet HantsLUG – Read all the latest blog entries from HantsLUG members. HantsLUG members can have their blogs added to Planet HantsLUG if they have an RSS feed.

  • HantsLUGJobs – Members available for exciting new careers.

Meetings and events

  • MeetingRecords – This is the page to comment about a HantsLUG meeting - what you did, who was there, etc.

  • Photos from some of the Hantslug events.

  • TechTalks – Notes and videos from talks given at our meetings.

  • MeetingNotes – What you need to know before attending a meeting.

  • MeetingTestimonials – Nice things that people have said about our meetings!

  • MeetingSuggestions – Do you have an activity you'd like to see run or a venue at which we could meet?

  • InfoPoints – InfoPoints are stands at computer fairs to promote Linux and Free Software. This where you can find out more and get involved!

Administrative details

  • LUGConstitution – The LUG operates under a constitution. This is it.

  • CurrentCommittee – The people you should contact if you have questions about the LUG.

  • CommitteeElections2009 – Election process for 2009-2010.

  • PeopleToKnowAbout – If you need to talk to someone in charge about any aspect of the LUG's operation (mailing list, website, meetings and events, or anything else), this list should tell you who to contact.

  • HantsHistory – A potted history of HantsLUG.

  • GroupFinances – The financial reports presented by the Treasurer at the AGMs.

  • PastCommittees – Those who have given their lives for the good of the LUG.

  • OrganisingActivities – Brief guides to organising each of the various LUG activities.

  • ServerMigration – Possible migration of server to lug.org.uk

  • FireWall – Setup of portable firewall

Other activities

  • SoftwarePatents – Information about how to make your voice heard on this important issue!

  • HantsLUG MediaStation distribution – There has been some talk of the LUG making a Linux distribution. One suggestion was for a MediaStation.

  • SetiGroup – HantsLUG has a Seti@home group that you might like to donate some clock cycles to.

  • LoanLibrary – Do you have books to lend? Perhaps you want to borrow a computer book? Browse the list and contact the owner, it's as easy as that.

  • LUGMerchandise – You need a HantsLUG mug in your life, you really do.

  • Frappr Map – We have a Frappr map where members can stick a virtual pin to show where in the world they are. Sorry, but you'll have to select the nearest town at the moment, not by postcode or village.


  • GetInvolved – Do you like what you see? Here's where you find out more about becoming part of HantsLUG.

  • HantsButtons – Some buttons and banners for your website.

  • Portsmouth LUG – There is a localised LUG for Portsmouth that some members may be interested in.

  • BadgeGenerator – Make your own badges for meetings.

  • Pastebin For pasting sections of logs or config files for diagnosis of problems

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