Heather Stern, also known as the Editor Gal for linuxgazette.net, is a regular in #hants ever since ThomasAdam introduced her to it.

AlanPope recognized her from another channel entirely. Small world, isn't it. p.s. LNX-BBC are very nice little rescue discs. No relation to your local TV stations though - just "bootable business card".

Where I am

I really live in the Silicon Valley (west coast US), but the #hants channel is lots more fun than #debian.

I have attended a great many So'ton Uni Bring-a-box meets via IRC, and the October 2005 meet in person.

Hants folk I've met

I have had the good fortune to have the following #hants folk visit me in the States: AlanPope, WilliamPalfreman, CiemonDunville. DeanEarley came to S.F. but it's far away and there were too many things in his schedule to make it work. He should obviously fly in through San Jose' next time ;>

Thanks to my visit there I've stayed about a week visiting Thomas and met about half the channel regulars.

About me specifically

Homepage: http://www.starshine.org/star/

LG Bio: http://linuxgazette.net/authors/stern.html

Yes, I have a photo on the stats page. rph (TomBragg) put it up after HugoMills noted that between my active chatter and the increased conversation for a new audience, I'd advanced to 13th in the listings. After I attended a BAB via IRC I advanced a bit more. Maybe I should talk a bit less? :D

I've helped a few Hants folk get their systems spun up, so it can't be all babble.

I've done some AsciiArtBadges to be worn at the Bring A Box fests by people who want to declare their fondness of the textmode console.

If the photo still shows me in sunlight with a red straw hat, that's me from a Windows Refund Day rally my nearbly LUG (http://www.svlug.org/) held.

On 31 Jan 2005 I received my Hants coffeemug (hooray!) - I have taken a photo of me enjoying it during the 5thFebruary2005 Bring A Box meet. They even put me in the gallery :)

About Linux

Favorite Distro: depends, what do you need to use it for?

I favor debian for remote upgradability, knoppix for introducing windows-soaked newbies (although ubuntu live cd seemed to please them better at my most recent netlounge), a Bring-A-Box (installfest, installathon, whatever you like to call it) meet for introducing techie aware newbies, lnx-bbc or tomsrtbt for rescues, SuSE for a coherent installed setup when people don't like Red Hat, and Mandrake when they do. I believe firmly that RH is many people's first distro and almost nobody's second distro.

I haven't tried Fedora Core yet, nor Slackware in the current century. I often point people towards non "name brand" distros for special purposes, by way of Linux Weekly News' Distributions page or freshmeat.net.

I have now enjoyed ubuntu as a plain install but only on a PPC platform :)

First Linux: Point 99 patchlevel... uh, was it 10 or 14, I forget. But I didn't install that; my hubby did, on our triple boot 386 - the other two being Dos/Win (3.1) and OS/2.

First Distro: Soft Landing Systems. 44 floppies. Ages to download. Wow, a real installer.

First Linux geeky thing done for pay: install Red Hat 3.03 in front of 4 other techs so we could all cover dumb antivirus questions from Linux dual booters.

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