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'''Christmas Lecture - Saturday 01 December 2012 at Southampton University'''

I am pleased to announce the first HantsLUG Christmas lecture which will take place on 1st December. This event is in place of our normal December meeting, and will take place in the Zeppler building at Southampton University. Please use the south entrance (between Zepler and Mountbatten buildings). RHoK (http://www.rhok.org/event/southampton-uk) are also holding an event at the same time, on the 3rd floor we are welcome to pop in and see what's going on.

The lecture will start at 5pm (please arrive early), and is followed by a dinner served at 8pm at the Mercure Dolphin, just north of Town Quay.

Our speaker, Mike Bond, who did his PhD in electronic bank security and now works to improve banking security, will be giving a talk titled "Hacking bank cards: 10 years of tools".

If you wish to come to the dinner, please choose your meal options from the menu available here:


The prices are as stated on the menu, being £14.95 for two courses or £18.95 for three course, except if you want rump or sirloin steak, which attract a £5 surcharge. Some vegetarian options (price for these may vary) are also available. If you wish to partake in one of the options below, please let me or Ed Beckmann know and we'll arrange it.

    Baked Aubergine en Croute Filled with Savoury Rice and Tomato Sauce
    Beetroot Risotto with Parmesan Crisp
    Spinach & Wild Mushroom Lasagne

Drinks are not included in the meal price, but the Restaurant has a well-stocked bar which will be open before the dinner. The dress code for the dinner is smart-casual or suit (not black tie). Friends and family are welcome to attend; if you intend to bring children let me or Ed know, and we'll arrange for smaller portions if you wish, and try to get a reduced price. Please send meal options to <a mailto="edward.beckmann@gmail.com">Ed Beckmann</a>. Options and meal payments must be sent by Wednesday 21st November at the latest.
 * Saturday 05Jan2012 at Southampton University (tbc)
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 * Saturday [[01Dec2012]] -- Christmas Lecture

Welcome to HantsLUG!

.. otherwise known as the Hampshire Linux User Group.

We aim to encourage and support the use of Linux and other free operating systems. We do this in several ways:

There is no requirement to be in Hampshire to join, in fact about half of our members are from outside Hampshire.

A potential new version of this web site is being developed at http://hantslug.org.uk/wp.



  • Saturday 05Jan2012 at Southampton University (tbc)

Most Recent

See MeetingRecords for a full list of prior meetings. Perhaps view the testimonials or see the talks.

There is no entrance fee to attend our meetings and no membership fee to be a member of the LUG, though we never turn down donations...

More information

  • HantsLUGStuff - information on HantsLUG, its members, events and communication channels.

  • BookReviews - various book reviews by members of the LUG on open source topics.

  • LinuxHints - a large collection of hints and tips.

  • HantsInfo - information on Hampshire, which whilst not strictly Linux related is likely to be of interest to LUG members.


You can make a donation to help out the running of the LUG, funding of equipment for meetings or in support of any of the LUG's other activities by donating through our Nochex account. Please specify if you want your donation to go to a certain aspect of the LUG's activities.

Because of persistent spamming, this site now requires you to register before you can edit it. To do so, please email a request to webmaster@hantslug.org.uk.

Please read the documentation, correct any formatting issues you encounter, and feel free to use the tools that MoinMoin provides to improve the quality of this site (See WikiCleanup) -- DanPope 2010-04-11 19:49:04

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