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Please see the new WordPress site for details of [[http://hantslug.org.uk/|upcoming]] and [[http://hantslug.org.uk/category/meetings|past]] meetings. Please see the new !WordPress site for details of [[http://hantslug.org.uk/|upcoming]] and [[http://hantslug.org.uk/category/meetings|past]] meetings.

Welcome to HantsLUG!

.. otherwise known as the Hampshire Linux User Group.

We aim to encourage and support the use of Linux and other free operating systems. We do this in several ways:

There is no requirement to be in Hampshire to join, in fact about half of our members are from outside Hampshire.

The new WordPress-based version of this web site is now online at http://hantslug.org.uk.


Please see the new WordPress site for details of upcoming and past meetings.

More information

  • HantsLUGStuff - information on HantsLUG, its members, events and communication channels.

  • BookReviews - various book reviews by members of the LUG on open source topics.

  • LinuxHints - a large collection of hints and tips.

  • HantsInfo - information on Hampshire, which whilst not strictly Linux related is likely to be of interest to LUG members.

Because of persistent spamming, this site now requires you to register before you can edit it. To do so, please email a request to webmaster@hantslug.org.uk.

Please read the documentation, correct any formatting issues you encounter, and feel free to use the tools that MoinMoin provides to improve the quality of this site (See WikiCleanup) -- DanPope 2010-04-11 19:49:04

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