Hugo Mills

email: hugoatcarfaxdotorgdotuk

web: and

real world: Bitterne, Southampton

I tried installing ARM Linux on my A5000 in about 1995. It was horrid (X swapped when you moved the mouse...). I've been using it more-or-less continuously since the end of 1996, when I installed Red Hat 4.2 off a cover disk.

I ditched Red Hat and installed Debian in 1999, and I haven't looked back since.

I'm currently working as a research assistant on the Comb''e''chem project at Southampton University, developing the Semantic Grid and making tea.

Hobbies outside computing: Quality cooking, and singing (tenor, choral).

Other Hobbies: Butt of much of AndyRansom's "humour". Also wielder of the CricketBat on the IRC channels.

Other things which might be of interest:

A little while ago, I set up and still maintain the HantsLUG mailing list statistics page.

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