I live in Basingstoke, work in Reading on things which I'm not going to put here because everyone will hate me! Needless to say, it's Windows...

I've been using Linux on and off for about a decade. My first installation was Slackware from about 60 floppy disks which I had carefully written at (Southampton) university. When I entered the Real World, I got my employer using the brand new Redhat 5 as an internet gateway/mailserver while I migrated to using the almost-one-true distribution Debian at home. :)

These days, I have a couple of machines on the end of my wireless DSL, including a knackered old Sparc 20 which is so slow that I mainly use it to take up a port on the hub.

In the exciting world of HantsLUG, I deputise for AndyRansom and look after the mailing list when he can't.

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