Jamie Robinson

Email : hantslug(at)slashhome(dot)com

Location : Portswood, Southampton

Occupation : PhD Student, University of Southampton Research Group Website

Linux user since 1998

Distro of Choice : Debian (have a variety of machines on stable, testing and unstable including an ageing Laptop)

Hobbies : Cycling, Wireless Networking, Stage Lighting/General Backstage work, Night Club VJ and LJ, Live Band Lighting and Video Production, Blaming broken computers on (other peoples) choice of Operating system...

Computing Skills (Most of these are self taught and to an operational level only, I don't pretend to be a master of any!)

Programming : PHP, C, HTML,SQL, TCL

Software : Samba, Apache, MySQL, PostGreSQL Exim, Bind9, Kernel Compiling, Basic IPTABLES packet rules

Current Projects : Stats Teaching Project, [[SmartLab data collection and handling]] , Setting up a SOWNNode (see http://consume.net/node_info.php?node_id=2222), MiniITX Media Station (currently Mythtv based), SUSU [[StageSoc Member]]

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