I am an IT expert of over 25+ years. My expertise covers programming and web development on different platforms, namely Linux and Windows.

I have also developed software for the ZX Spectrum, C64, and Commodore Amiga (developing mainly Mega-Demos with scrolling text, music and 3d jiggery pokery)

I am an expert in C/C++, PHP/MySQL and recently acquired expertise in Java. My main distros of choice are Ubuntu and Kubuntu Linux and I am a fan of Beryl/Compiz. I have to say that I still use the dreaded windows XP for Web Dev work with Dreamweaver and Photoshop as you just dont get programs like this on Linux! Screem and Gimp just dont compare! Sorry!

I have recently played with Windows Vista and although it looks pretty its just not a worthwhile choice! Its a rip off of KDE in my opinion! I have recently been working as an IT technician in a school for 6 months but it didnt work out as that just wasnt for me. I missed my web dev too much and there was not enough of it there.

I am currently working behind the scenes on several projects and my goal is to become a multi-millionaire sometime soon. You never know I might just pull it off. I have suffered recently with another bout of Chronic Prostatitis and yes it is as bad as it sounds! F*CK*NG PAINFUL to say the least! Had it back in 2005 and it lasted a 2 weeks. This time it lasted 3 months and only the 5th lot of antibiotics did the trick! :S

I kind of work for myself now doing all manner of IT stuff from support, to recommendations to PC building and web development and bespoke programming. I'm currently working on my own portfolio of work in my web site. I am also working on several websites for my customers.

I do miss being at the LUG and as long as the LUG keeps going I guess I will be back soon. It would be nice to catch up with those people who know me at the LUG, namely Lisi.

When I can afford a new laptop (hopefully soon) I will whack Kubuntu on it and come on down and tell people whats what and why Linux is a good FREE choice.

I have also built myself up a new system recently complete with cathodes and light up fans and LCD front panel. I call it the BlackWidow supersystem and expect to see pictures of it around here soon.


JB Freelance IT Engineer / Web Developer

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