--- Jay (Joseph) Bennie

has too few hours in his life to do every thing - but will try none the less

as the former Lugmaster of Surrey/ I handed over to the guys because i just work too much :(

and i'd perefer to focus on the Lug org, rather that a single region.

Work -- I'm a software engineer by trade/profession but seam to spend most of my time project managing and consulting to other teams within the company i work for. -- no names It's a secret;) no its not microsoft!! Its not even software. It is quite amazing how good software engineering can also be the key to reachitecting a standard business.

it wasn't always this way, once apon a time i was the director of Lincore.co.uk a Linux consultancy and general software development type company. It did not bad in its time but i kind of think of it as my apprenticeship. May one day i'll do something with it or some one will buy it off me for the cost of it's accountancy bill.

Home -- married, like food, beer and sleep. Simple but thats how i like it.

anyway this is me - if you want to drop me a line on anything lug related or want to catch up for a beer you can email me via jay at lincore dot co dot uk.

PS - many thanak to the hants lug for hosting this content and other past favors

all the best Jay

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