Long in the tooth!

MY first Unix systems were an ICL Perq and a 68K running some port of SysIII. That was at ICL, which was an interesting place in the earily to mid-80's. With the exception of one chap, everyone in my team quit! Well they did move us to Bracknell (Lovelace Rd). So I inherited the boxes but they weren't too popular as we only used them to cross-compile Pascal for the ICL DRS OS, a lengthly process that include the use of a 2900 mainframe. Then management "seen the light", turned on a dime, and went for Unix SysV. I became the default sysadmin and Unix guru (again by default) and since them I haven't been far from a Unix/Linux box.

My Linux experience dates back to 1999 and a rented Cobalt RAQ server. I've used and installed RH 7.x->9.x, FC3, SuSE 9.3/10.0, and most recently Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger on my notebook.

I'm a co-director of Open Source Migrations Ltd. and write the occasional article about Linux.

I now try to make both the Ssurry LUG and HantsLUG meetings, and try to contribute to both mailing lists.

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