I'm the one on the left

Hello, my name is John Hunt, although you may already know that by now.

About me

I live in Highfield and work at the University of Southampton in the [[GeoData Institute]]. At work, I do web app programming and design (php/mysql/xhtml/css/javascript), help manage the network with some of our redhat EL servers there and do some other cool linuxy stuff, it's a really nice job that I love..very lucky!


Currently I'm running Ubuntu Edgy on my IBM r50e laptop. At home I have a pile of old computers wasting space, and a fancy new media pc thing running Freevo. I have a VPS running at bytemark that hosts my home page and a few sites for people I know. I also have a couple of servers over in the Netherlands which are in a bit of state, but will hopefully soon have Xen running on them.


Things I know something about (albeit, not much):

Stuff I'm interested in ''(computer stuff that is)''

I grew up playing around with Sinclair Spectrums. Sir Clive really is a genious.. I'll be arriving in my C5 to the next LUG.

If you like, check out my site (mainly about linux stuff) here: John

I should be at the next LUG (the one in Southampton anyway) next time it's on so see you there hopefully!

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