I'm Keith Edmunds, living in Shinfield (just south of M4 by Reading).

I first played with Linux around 1991/2 - I remember download the SLS (I think) floppies over my 9600 baud modem, one by one, five minutes or more for each one, then installing Linux on a spare PC. I was knocked out with the result, and I'm still pretty impressed now.

Workwise, I run Tiger Computing Ltd, which provide Linux services to businesses (plug: http://www.[[TheLinuxConsultancy]].co.uk). I'm in the fortunate position of being truly passionate about and in love with the work.

I got married to a strange Swedish doctor (Cecilia) in the summer of 2004. She's non-techy, but happy to mess around with Ubuntu.

Outside of work: bit of flying - I own a quarter share of a 1946 Auster Autocrat - and gliding. I was a gliding instructor for about twenty years, but haven't done any instructing since 2001 (but intend to again soon). I've been known to participate in the odd social drink too.


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