Actually from Dorset LUG but the Hants folks seem a friendly enough bunch to welcome all comers.

I've been around in the computer world for some time since the time of the TRS80 (Q:"whassat". A: One of the first home micros.). I've done time assembling on various Z80 systems, then moved to C in DOS followed by C/C++ in Windows. I feel I'm about the only software engineer with no 'nix experience so I'm trying to move my skills from MS-Win to Linux ( and so I get a job using VizBasic ....... hmmmmmmmmmm!?!? ).

I've been considered a computer expert by many but feel totally humbled by Linux. I'm currently using Mandrake coz it got me going but I'd like to move on to some other distro with a more standard system file placement. Tried Slackware and loved what I saw but still need to learn enough that I can manage a system without Mandrakes GUI config tools. I've also tried Debian, Suse & Ubuntu, none of which I could get to work yet.

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