OK, this'll be another of my infamous 'cut and paste' jobs from my notes! It is again based on a Debian unstable install, so it'll be all apt-get or aptitude stuff:


Ensure that your /etc/apt/sources.list file contains the contrib keyword e.g.

 deb http://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/ stable main contrib 

aptitude update


To install flash:

aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree

..erm, that simple enough?!


You might also wish to refer to the /MozillaFirefoxJava page.

 1. aptitude install fakeroot java-package
download the Java 1.5.0 runtime from:
-- patch if required
download a patch to java-package for the above runtime from:
 (required for version .14 of java-package, may not be needed for later versions
extract the patch
change to the patch directory

$ su - > ./patch-java-package.sh -- end

create the .deb file

$ fakeroot make-jpkg jre-1_5_0-linux-i58x.bin install the Debian specific customizations:

  1. aptitude install java-common sun-j2re1.5debian

install the new Debian package:

  1. dpkg -i sun-j2re1.5_1.5.0_i386.deb


The new browser plugin should work without a restart (well it did for me!) here is a good reference if you have problems (I used it myself for this): http://serios.net/content/debian/java.php

A little more involved, but pretty straightforward.

I'll see if I can improve things for this Wiki page a bit later. - PaulTansom

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