Linux Professional Institute - Certification

The LPI is an open vendor neutral institute offering exams and certification worldwide. They do not offer training directly, rather a syllabus, and exams via partner organisations. It is up to the candidate to obtain their own training via any third party, and then sit the exams independently. Several training companies offer courses tailored for the LPIC exams, and there are a wide number of book and web sites that provide teaching and self help guides.

There are two exams for the level I certification (introductory), 101 and 102, and two exams for the level II certification (intermediate), 201 and 202. The third level exams and sylabus are in preparation at the moment - and are near completion. At the moment the exmas require both RPM and DEB package managment - this is a change from the previous arrangment of being able to take only one package system

You have to have passed LPI Level I certification before you can take Level II exams.

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