Printing with Linux can appear quite complex to setup but can be as simple as installing cups, and then installing a printer from the web interface at http://localhost:631

Local printers are easily setup.

However, I wanted to print using a networked printer that is on a Windows2000 system. This done by:

Windows Box: Install the printer and setup a share. Install "Other Network File and Print Services" from the Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Components list. Ensure that this service, called TCP/IP Print Server is started, and setup to start automatically.

Linux Box: Add a printer as before. Under device select windows printer via SAMBA Under Device URI type: smb://username:password@SERVER/printer (where printer is replaced by the exact name of the printer on the windows system). My windows system is set to not use passwords and so I used smb://username@SERVER/printer Add the printer make and model on the next few cups pages and it's installed.

To confirm the installation, print a test page from the printers page

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