A draft RFC with respect to the definition of a Lug charter or Article of association.

The document should state:

Political process - and ratification

Signatures of agreement / Disagreement

The Definition of [[LugUK]]

:to further restrict the definition, I've ammended the text below to refer specifically to LugUK, and not to a Lug i.e. a Lug can mean any Lug in the uk hence is ambiguouse JayBennie

:Should there be something about notice for withdrawal of these items? Don't want people taking their ball back unexpectedly. TonyWhitmore

Definition of a Lug

:Also, there seems to be an ambiguity between services etc. provided to lug.org.uk and those provided to individual LUGs. Our LUG has material possesions, for example. We have purchased hubs and cables etc. No-one's taking those back! TonyWhitmore

Definition of a ''local'' Lug

=== Political process and ratification ===
 * Any document can become law within that community in the event that the significant majority of the affected persons agrees with the document.
 * To that end the document above can be meaningful only if the signatures representing agreement represent >=67% of the total signatures undersigned, if the last signature is dated more than one year ago the law should exprire or be re-defined. if redefined the signatures must be cleared and the document resigned. 

Signatures in agreement: 1. url of digital signature on users home page, 22-sept-05 :Not everyone has a digital signature! (I assume you mean GPG) TonyWhitmore :how about a link to a photo? It simply some way to personalise a signature should it ever need to be verified JayBennie Signatures in disagreement:

Alternative Proposal

I (MJRay) disagree with the above because:


  1. We are different, but we all want:
    1. to pass on information about free/open-source software
    2. to encourage relevant services or events in our area
    3. to help one another
    4. to expand our community
  2. Collectively we favour rough consensus and working code.
  3. Any position or statement is representative of its supporters only. No claim should be made to represent those who do not consent.
  4. If any person(s) are legally responsible for something, their decision is final, but we encourage them to compromise because of these points.

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