email: lukestuts {at} yahoo {dot} co {dot} uk

Occupation: Researcher at Portsmouth Uni

Preoccupation: Computers

Linux: I started using Linux because it was hard. I started out on BBC B's and moved on to Acorns (A3000, A3010, A5000, RiscPC710). RISCOS 2/3 is the only OS I really know anything about. However, it was far, far too easy to use and as soon as I saw the installation instructions for ARMLinux on the Acorn Clan CD, I knew this was the next step. ARMLinux didn't do much but I did get a few manuals to play around with. This stood me in great stead as I attempted my first proper Linux installation on my first x86. The OS was Redhat 6, IIRC, which I got from the local library. Other OSs I tried from libraries were RH7 and Caldera but neither had the hardware support I needed. When I joined Portsmouth Uni I had gained access to a CD Burner and a fast connection. I downloaded Mandrake 8 and have not done any Maths since. It has over 3000 programs, for heaven's sakes! Damn you Linux!

Projects: Linux on laptops and PDAs, fast data entry, eventually writing a program in linux.

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