Lwicks is Lance Wicks.

I have been floating around the IT world since 1989. Originally from New Zealand I have been working in the Windoze world all that time. I had been aware of Linux for a while, but only installed it (or failed to install it) about 2000-ish.

Since then I have tried all the regular distros but am a fan of Debian. Not because it is the best nor the easiest. I like Debian as it seems to follow the whole free/open software idea 101%

I am the father of twins (Thomas & Cassie) who absorb most of my time outside of work. When not working or pulling faces at the babies, I do Judo. (I've been doing Judo regularly since I was about 11) When not doing that I enjoy being a member of the PS2 Online Beta Test. (WOOT)

Recently enjoyed attending the London.pm LPW. (I am "Orange", "Bad Data" if you were there)


Install a useable distro on my Compaq Aero 4/33c laptop.

Get better at Perl!!!

Replace MS Exchange server with Linux alternative. (SME Server?)



I am the one upside down! The one standing is a 10 year old girl!

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