What is it?

The mailing list is the centre of HantsLUG activity. A mailing list is a service that sends e-mail out to everyone else who is subscribed. To ask a question, or help answer one, you simply send your e-mail to a special e-mail address. Your e-mail is then sent out to all the mailing list subscribers. Other members can then reply to the original e-mail by sending their reply to the same mailing list e-mail address. That reply is then also sent out to all the subscribers. A conversation-like dialog develops, and every member can learn from, or contribute to, the discussion. If you're confused by that description, then try the list out for a week or so and you'll soon pick it up!

Signing up

You must sign up before you can post to the list - click here for the instructions.

There are a number of /Tips and /FrequentlyAskedQuestions that it is a good idea to read if you plan on joining the mailing list. You should be aware that the mailing list is moderate- to high-traffic, and historically has averaged something in the region of 50 emails per day.

We do our utmost to obscure your email address from falling into the hands of spammers. The archives obfuscate email addresses by removing all domainnames.


You can also view an archive of old emails. As you can see, this list is publicly viewable - this was not the case with the OldMailingList.

Please note that the archival software used (lurker) does not honour the X-No_Archive: Yes convention, so every mail sent to the list will be archived.

Old information - to be updated

Discussion is loosely themed on Linux, but is rather varied and veers wildly offtopic at times.

By joining the list you become a member of the LUG after 28 days. You can still attend meetings, join the IrcChannel and take part in other LUG activities both without being a member and without having been on the list for 28 days. See the LUGConstitution page for more.

HugoMills runs a site showing statistics on the Mailing List Traffic at http://www.carfax.org.uk/lug-mail/

New Mailing list to do

How off-topic can you get?

Some off-topic posts that have been covered in the past:

Lurker admin

In exceptional cases (e.g. if someone posts their credit card info) we might need to delete a message from the archives. Ask the hostmaster - they can remove it:

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