Name: Mair
Rhymes with: Fire (ogg)

Obwars: Laptops. Emacs. Opera. Debian (≈ Ubuntu). jwm. But now I have a pink mac. Oh, the shiny.

Travels by: Brompton.


Likes: Annabelle the sheep, bean bags, balls of wool, laptops, bellringing, chocolate, coffee, orange reef, reading, marbles, the seaside, comfortable trousers, fresh air, domain names, watching motorway traffic, space, guinea pigs, juggling, watching moving things, whiteboards, bright colours, hills, nice round coffee mugs, playing with websites, friends, singing (out of tune), cycling up hills, baking, cycling in traffic, space, variety, comfy sofas, independence, standing and staring, Tesco, crisp apples, people who concentrate when they listen, bouncing, words, lying on my back staring upwards, being knackered after hard exercise, dictionaries, words, water, weather, maths, sucking pens, the moon, paddling, Taizé, airline blankets, fairy lights, muesli, utf-8, cappuccino, taking things apart, waves, bouncy music, hacks, camping, usb sticks, collecting things, glow-worms, potatoes, maps, hats, sniffing the air, shopping locally, community, fountain pens, BBQ sauce, soft duvet covers, orange, playing the flute, folk dance music, folk dance, crispy sprouts, swimming in clear seas, post, trains, dogs, cardigans, rainbows, unpacking, views, friends, food, my own room.

Dislikes: hoovering, not getting enough sleep, confrontations, decisions, cold showers, failing, tunnels, packing, oversocializing, being watched, washing my hair, icky hair, beer, being wrong, being lost in towns, sarky comments about evangelicals, regretting not doing things, Java, presentations, answering machines, trains delayed or stopped in the middle of nowhere, fluorescent lights, walking far, long flights, being hungry, being lied to, pointless discussions, spam, making polite conversation, not being understood, other people's code, explaining, drunkenness, sewing, stress, code, waiting, noise, manipulation, the arrogance of cats, feeling fat, prawns.

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