The Microsoft Corporation is held in poor regard by some in the FLOSS community. The reasons for this are numerous, but generally come down to the fact that proprietary software corporations are driven by profit rather than pursuit of quality in software, as Linux and FLOSS projects are.

People outside of the community, and some from within it, sometimes perceive this sentiment as prejudice. However it is possible to argue against this on the basis that Linux users usually have experience of working in a Microsoft environment as well as in a Free Software environment and prefer the latter.

It should also be noted that Microsoft's monopoly causes more problems for Linux users than Microsoft directly causes. For example, Linux users may experience problems with third-party support for Linux. This distinction may often be omitted, perhaps unjustly, although of course Microsoft seeks to maintain and extend its monopoly at every opportunity.

Anticompetitive behaviour

Microsoft has a history of strategically destroying or damaging innovative companies and innovative software or standards. Some examples:

Poor quality software

Microsoft sells a wide range of software. Many of its products have been bought with the purchase of the original developer. However once in Microsoft's clutches we typically see little maintenance or innovation, and a lot of cruft and bloat, mixed with some gobsmacking design decisions. Some examples:

In Microsoft's favour

A few things most Linux advocates do not take issue about:

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