My Little Homepage

I'm useless at writing these things, so I'll just randomly write stuff about me :)

I'm Mike, im 17, just moved from the Isle of Wight to New Milton (its near bournemouth/christchurch)

I used to be a web developer (php/mysql/linux based) for IM-Design before I moved here, and I am currently working at Tesco's (its a job!) until I can find something better.

I'm a debian user, not a bit of microsoft anywhere, but then I got into gaming, and went back to windows, I still use linux for my servers (including our gameservers :D) and I'm currently trying to get linux dualbooting on this box (but having a few problems with my SATA controller)

I play Counter-Strike with a clan called Men In the Line of Fire, And I'm quite involved in the HL/CS server scene, I currently write for the official Counter-Strike server resource site under the alias "statix"

I can always be found on IRC as "MikeH" and I now lurk on the mailing lists, Also: MSN: || Email: statix AT server DOT counter-strike DOT net

I'll leave you with some pics of my pc taken at a recent [[IslandGamers Lan]], which sucks (xp2400+/512 ram/2x160gb sata disks) it did look good at one point, now its just messy and with various bits missing.

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