Hello, and welcome. I finally figured out how to create my own entry...mwahahahaaaaa...now it's time for me to bore you to death :-)

Not really too sure what to add here, but lets just see what happens eh?

First thing's first, I have a website which you can visit here: http://www.photonscape.net (nothing wonderful, just pictures and photos).

I'm quite new to the Hants-LUG, but I love it, seeing as I'm in Hampshire. I was born and raised in Southampton (and still am in said city-scape). And work in the new Co-Op in Bedford Place (ThomasAdam has seen me).

I started using Linux in the year of 2003, in January I believe, with the Mandrake distro (8.2 I think...free 2 CD edition with Linux Format mag). I originally installed it to stop Windoze' registry having access to the internet,but I had a winmodem, so that foiled that plan. I kept using it though. And now, I both use and LOVE Gentoo, I certainly couldn't live without a "from source" distro. But, alas, I've recently installed win2k on one of my 3 machines, which I wont go into...it hurts so much. But, not a day goes by when I don't insult Windoze, sir Gates, or Microsoft in some form or other (you might hear the odd compliment from me...but it's nothing positive). Anywhoo, enough with the babble...on with me:

As, by now, you've probably figured out that my name is Nathaniel Browne, if you havn't you know now :-) I am 20, male, white (prodominatly of Irish bloodline), and have a taste for the following:

#- Ancient Red Indian America (pre-european), culture, spiritual systems, philosophy, weapons #- Ancient pre-christian Britain/Ireland (Celtic peoples) #- Ancient pre-christian Northern Europe/Scandinavia (Germanic/Viking peoples) #- Movies about Red Indians ("Dances with Wolves," "Last of the Mohicans" - with Daniel Day Lewis, "Grey Owl" and "A Man Called Horse") #- Shamanism (particularly Red-Indian), Wicca and other forms of old-timey mysticism and magick #- Listening to as much music as I deem worthy of listening to (which excludes Pop-genre, "Rythm 'n' Bass") #- Anime movies/TV-episodes (older ones in particular) #- Mog books (the "Mog" series of childrens books by Judith Kerr are amazing) #- Photography (landscape mainly) #- Digital art (ahhhh... The GIMP) #- and finally: The Countryside...I love the country, I hate urban-life.

I go around primarily disguised under the name [T]hunder or Thunder. So if you see [T]hunder on #hants irc channel, then say hi, and give positive comments on this page...I like to be humored :-P

Well, I've run out of things to say. Perhaps I'll think of more witty and interesting things about myself, but until then, have fun, and enjoy yerselves.

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