Neil Caldwell

Email: neilatinfinitehostingdotcodotuk

Real life: Currently residing in sunny Melbourne, Australia, a vast change from good old Copnor.

Installed redhat 6.2 many moons ago, Suse 8.0, now RH9, with a view to installing Debian when I'm happy I have moved all data from my old ReiserFS partition. Administrated Solaris and HP-UX servers.

Worked for English Heritage in Eastney of all places, decomissioning a few old Solaris boxes, and helping everyone move over to WinXP/2000 Server from Win95/Novell... no really! They will keep some Solaris 8, but linux is slowly becoming adopted.

Running a small but perfectly formed web hosting company on the side :) Utilising two linux servers in two different US datacentres, New Jersey and California.

Hobbies: Swimming, 5-a-side football, keeping fit and travelling!

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