Name: Garner e-mail: peterg{at}mildewhall{dot}com Web Site: Location: Alton, Hampshire

Occupation: Perl Hacker, data comms guy.

Linux Distribution of choice: RedHat 6 - late late 2.2 kernel

Linux Experience: I think I have tried most distros, but starting off with Caldera made me want to continue. Really couldn't get on with SuSE, had a go with FreeBSD (nice interface eh :-) and finally settled on Redhat..

Skills: (apparently not enough to get a real job..) MySQL, Perl, PHP

Hobbies: Computers :-( Beer, Curry, Hill walking - since the introduction of wireless computing I can sometimes combine all these at once ! Photography.

Projects: PurePostPro [], Anything based around WAP and databases.

Hardware: Oldish Advent 350Mhz Pentium 3, 1Gb RAM, about 60Gb IDE, 10Gb SCSI. Wearing out quickly.. needs replacing..

Aspirations: Running the Peoples Republic of Alton; Being able to talk to a Telco about serious 3G development; getting a new job; possibly even making some money out of home-developed software ! Train our cats to close the kitchen door as well as open it..

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