I have been using Linux for about 6 years, and have managed to learn enough (I hope!) to get myself the job as the sysadmin for the company I started working for as an electronic engineer. I have recently installed Debian on two Apple G3's for work which was an interesting change to PC installs, but I hope that one day I will have my own Mac running Mac OS X...drool :)

My Linux distro of choice is Debian, but I've used lots of others even Redhat on occasion... ;-) I have also played around with Solaris and FreeBSD, but not spent a lot of time there.

I have 4 machines currently in use at home all running Debian. My server is a PII 233 running Woody, my desktop is an Athlon 2500+ running Sarge, and my laptop is an IBM Thinkpad X20 also running Sarge. I have recently purchased an IBM Netfinity 5000 server from ebay. This is a serious bit of kit (dual PIII 600Mhz, 1G ECC registered RAM, IBM ServeRAID controller with 5x 18G 10k rpm SCSI disks in RAID5, Adaptec SCSI controller for Sony DDS4 tape drive, and lots more!). I have written a page which includes some useful links about this server and is a summary of things I found while installing and configuring my Netfinity. It can be found here: http://www.evanshomepage.com/ibm/ It is of course also running Debian in case you wondered (Sarge), and I intend to replace my current server with it when I have finished configuring and testing it.

So far I have not attended any HantsLUG meetings, but I hope to be able to make it along to one soon.

If you want to see pics of my family and friends then check out my site at http://www.evanshomepage.com/

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