Samuel Penn, Farnborough

Born in 1973 (you do the maths...), live in Farnborough and I work as a Livelink software consultant for Aiimi in London.

I'm principally a Java programmer (job title is Solutions Architect), with too much experience with content management systems such as Documentum, Hyperwave and Livelink.

Started out using BBC Micros, moved to the Acorn Archimedes and finally decided to buy a PC in 1999 so that I could play around with Enlightenment and Linux (RedHat 5.2). A few years later I moved to SuSE, and then I switched to Gentoo at the end of 2004. I'm still on Gentoo.

I'm an applications programmer and user, not a kernel hacker or sys admin (though I have worked on AIX device drivers and did lots of assembly programming when I had an Acorn), so my knowledge is more at the applications level. I've been using KDE for the last ~5 years on the Desktop (and have contributed a little to KMail development), and consider it to be the most user friendly Desktop Environment I've used so far.

Current hobby IT projects include J2EE and AJAX type stuff (a web based RPG and some backends for a Greasemonkey plugin for the Cities game), mapping software for roleplaying games (Java) and documentation utilities for roleplaying games (Java/XML).

Other interests: Roleplaying, wargaming, SF and classical music.

I have a couple of SourceForge projects, Mapcraft and Yagsbook.

For even more info about me, see my Glendale pages.

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