Currently my Linux boxes include: (1) A Linksys NSLU2* which runs Debian and serves up the odd file and the occasional print in our household (2) An Intel dual-core based system running Ubuntu which is where I spend far too much time (3) An Intel Celeron box I have recently put together form my daughter which also run Ubuntu (4) A Dell D600 laptop (Ubuntu again) which is actually my work laptop when I put the other hard drive in

There are a couple of Win XP boxes holding out, namely my wife's because she hates change, and my boys' because they love games, and not the lovely ID Software sort that I play natively on my Ubuntu machine!

Outside of Linux/IT I read Sci-Fi almost exclusively, novels and graphic novels. Having pretty much exhausted Philip K. Dick and Larry Niven I am now an Ian M. Banks and Neal Stephenson bore. My musical tastes incorporate just about anything, although rap has to work hard to get my attention, and the remarketed R&B (as opposed to the proper stuff) doesn't get a look in.

Exercise takes the form of Tai Chi, walking and the occasional bit of off-road cycling.

Distractions include 4 kids, a lovely wife (obligatory comment) plus several cats and dogs.

If you feel the urge to put a face to the name, check out my mugshot:

For what it's worth Hector is a lot bigger now and I don't look quite so tired!

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