Meetings at Southampton University are held in Seminar Room 1. We sometimes have access to the adjacent SeminarRoom2, if it is available (not for April and May 2011).

Date and Time

Usually, unless otherwise stated, meetings are held bi-monthly on a Saturday between 10:00am and 4:30pm. The confirmed date will be posted to the HomePage and MailingList at least a week before the meeting.

Getting There

  1. Seminar Room 1 is in the ECS building (Building 59) at Southampton University's Highfield (main) campus.
  2. Building 59 is on the north edge of the Highfield campus and is marked as the Zepler building.

  3. You enter the building via the B59-B53 atrium.
  4. All non-ECS staff will need to check-in with security when you arrive and leave.
  5. Buses to use are the U1 from Southampton Parkway station or Southampton Central station, or the U2 from outside the Civic Centre (a short walk from Southampton Central station).

  6. Car parking is available for free at the weekends in the adjacent car parks.
  7. The postcode for those who use them for navigation is: SO17 1BJ
  8. Building 59 is marked as Zepler Building on this map.

Getting In

Since January 2009 unless your name (HLUG members and non-members) is on a list with the security guard on the front door you may not be allowed in. Without your name in advance security will check your details. So to avoid a delayed entry or disappointment it is highly recommended you E-mail your name to our host the day before the meeting so he can add you to the list of attendees. In practice we have only seen the guard once or twice but it is still probably best to make sure our host has a list of everyone who may attend.



You can see photos from our meetings in Seminar Room 1 in our gallery. Seminar Room 1 (sometimes) looks like this:

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