Seth Kneller

I was born in Southampton and brought up in the Bitterne Park area.

Been using Linux since 1997 (RH 4.2) gave up using RH recently now using LinuxFromScratch for servers and Mandrake/Slackware for desktops. I also have a Byteware Virtual Server (Debian) and I am seriously looking at gentoo!

In 2004 after attending a HantsLUG Meeting a Southampton University on 7thFebruary2004, I switched to Debian. TonyWhitmore helped me install Woody on my IBM ThinkPad T21. I have since used Debian on all my servers, desktops and laptops.

In June 2005 I moved to Plymouth, Devon to start a degree course at the University of Plymouth. I am now heavily involved in computing and Linux activities here, having signed up to DCLUG, TermiSoc and BCS SW Branch. I am currently studying for a Foundation Year award, I hope to start a degree next year.

I am still on the mailing list and hope to make it to a meet or two if I am around.

Web: Email: seth at autismisanotherworld dot com

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